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We have gathered together the best sites to get karaoke music downloads, sheet music and custom
cdg's. We have saved you the trouble of searching for karaoke songs and karaoke software to
down load and listed the sites here.  Now you can Burn your own karaoke songs or play them from
a hard drive or ipod, order custom discs and even make your own custom karaoke disc in whatever
format you want. Download one karaoke song for as little as 1.99 instead of paying for songs you
don't want
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Under no circumstances are karaoke downloads legal for public use by karaoke hosts.
Persons using karaoke in a professional manner must own a hard copy of the karaoke disk produced by the manufacturer.
Please read the users agreements for each website before downloading any music from these pages
Sounds For Fun Karaoke Store is in no way responsable for any downloads.  If you have an issue please contact the
company you are downloading from
Some sites list their fees in other currencies

The Karaoke Chanel is a subsidiary of Stingray
Digital Media Group.
Thousands of re-recorded hit songs in English,
French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Italian.*
Nine decades of popular musical genres.
Pop, rock, R&B, country, Latin, hip-hop and more.
More great things to come...
Stingray Music, owner of the world's largest library
of re-recorded hits, delivers note-perfect
reproductions of the world's best-known music, with
or without vocals. Ideal for use in TV and movies,
advertising, ringtones, video games, consumer
products, and karaoke applications, and
is a provider of music to American Idol, Disney,
Paramount, EA, Fox, and countless advertising
agencies and production companies,
Stingray Music
is the affordable alternative and the Ultimate Music
When people down load Karaoke from most sites, they are putting the
original manufactures out of business, their employees on the
unemployment line,
and they are sending their money overseas.

Sounds For Fun Has Found the sites on this page to be the exception to
that rule:

LICENSING - All songs are licensed for permanent download - personal home use
Any use of these recordings for monetary gain or professional use is strictly
unless properly licensed through the original copyright owner (such as the
songwriter) as well as by the original manufacture of the Karaoke,
Sound Choice, Stellar Records, Sun Fly, Zoom etc.

COPYRIGHT - All text, graphics and trademarks are copyrighted.  All recordings and
Tradmark's are copyrighted by the labels represented.  Any copying, reselling or
distributing without the express written permission of the original manufacture, is
strictly prohibited. With the exception of music that is Public Domain
While located overseas, Zoom
and Sunfly are both manufactures of thier
Karaoke, and produce both Karaoke downloads
and CDG's that are sold in most Karaoke stores
in the USA
The Karaoke Channel Store
Royalty Free Music
ProSound Music LLC is the
label and distribution company
representing the Priddis
Music catalog, as well as
digital distributor for other
select karaoke / minus track
Prosound is located in  
Cheyenne, WY. USA.
Ameritz Backing Tracks
Where to Play Trivia
in Orlando or
surrounding aria's
Other download sites we have
found to be safe and reliable: *


(* May display money in Euros but you will find
a button that converts it to USA $)